Saturday, July 3, 2010

Recommitting - A Mens Rea Manifesto

It's been quite a while since I last posted. This may well have become a ghost blog, if there were digital tumbleweeds that were able to blow through it. However, I've decided to restart and reboot Mens Rea.

Why now, and in what form? Mens rea is latin for "guilty mind." I began this blog because I've had a long-standing interest in forensic psychology, even though it's not my field of specialty, and in fact it was started for a class that I was TAing at the time.

However, under this new renovation mens rea takes on a new meaning. I've been experiencing a guilty mind myself with regards to my creative and professional output; in short, I should really be writing more than I am. So to counteract this, I'm returning to the blogosphere, and I'll be writing about more than just forensic psychology. I'll be writing about research I'm reading, research I'm conducting, and ideas that cross my mind; however, I'll also bring in some of my outside interests: more diverse areas of psychology, games and gameplay, sustainable development, and more. That being said, this won't exactly turn into a personal blog, either -- I'll do my best to put a critical, analytical spin on the topics that I cover.

Writing is like any other learned activity: it becomes easier the more you do it. So this is my dedication to make writing a habit.